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Most NFTs are limited to just one metaverse. Poolboys can travel to others! After the first generation of boys are minted, new tokens with alternative artistic detail will become available (scroll to top for preview). This concept will also involve collaborations with other NFTs and 3D avatars for communal virtual spaces.


J. Purtle

Creative director

J. Purtle is a multimodal artist based in Chicago whose expertise centers on visual and sound-based storytelling. From the early days of NFTs, Purtle was drawn towards blockchain technologies as a new medium. His work is an exploration of the new topological space of the metaverse. He believes we are in the pre-dawn era of NFTs, and he intends to guide its core aesthetic as it materializes in mainstream culture.

Girthy Burg

Community director

Girthy Burg has 10 years of experience working with large companies in a wide range of industries. In early 2021, he was introduced to NFTs and quickly became spending countless hours browsing and collecting. A lifelong videogame player and collector, Burg has naturally developed a love for NFTs.

Dr. Finger

Technology director

Dr. Finger works on technologies that will someday be at the heart of the metaverse.